Livelihoods/Hunger Reduction Programme

Save the Children does whatever it takes to be there for vulnerable children and communities to improve long-term food security and increase their resilience during a crisis. We advocate for policies and programs that prevent hunger and eradicate malnutrition. We participate and contribute to national vulnerability assessments and analysis in order to inform stakeholder’s programing while influencing government policy.

In emergency situations, we act collectively with other stakeholders to provide the much-needed relief and also work towards building resilience amongst the vulnerable households As part of the humanitarian response, SC has partnered with the World Food Program (WFP), National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) and Save the Children Switzerland in a bid to respond to vulnerability imposed by shortage of food.

Support to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Affected by HIV&AIDS (NCP) Project

Food production – The objective of this activity is to produce NCPs that will be capable of sustaining themselves through own food production using the conservative agriculture (CA) concept where 481 NCPs are targeted. SC-Esw managed to reach out to over 150 NCP which are engaged in vegetable, crop and fruit tree production. As mentioned above, the NCPs are expected to produce cereals enough to last for a year and also make some income to cater for the following season.
Egg Production – The objective of this activity is to grow women smallholder businesses that are part of WFP’s vendors who supply cereals and pulses under the home grown school feeding program. A group called Intsaba Yekubonelela in the Hhohho region was supported with poultry house building material, 200 layer chickens and other relevant support which also included feed.
NCP Monitoring – The objective of this activity is to provide monitoring services to NCPs supported by WFP through the provision of food while improving the nutritional of status of children across the two regions namely Hhohho and Lubombo. In total, there are 1717 NCPs countrywide to which Save the Children is supporting 769 in the regions mentioned above. The total children enrolled by these NCPs is 24, 118 emanating for 11, 788 girls and 12, 330 boys.

Crisis Response

Cash Base Transfer in partnership with WFP – The objective of this activity is to improve the nutritional status of vulnerable households by the provision of cash for them to purchase food and non-food items needed by their respective households. Mobile Money (MoMo) is used to “pay” the targeted beneficiaries and the amount transferred is SZL 140.00 which was calculated to accommodate the three basic commodities namely cereals, pulses and vegetable oil. Over 50, 000 people benefited from the crisis response and they were from 7 constituencies including Mbabane east, Mbabane West, Siphofaneni, Lobamba Lomdzala, Ludzeludze, Gilgal and Lomahasha.

Cash Base Transfer and In-Kind Support in partnership with NDMA – The objective of this activity is to improve the nutritional status of vulnerable households though the provision of cash and in-kind support. Over 30, 000 beneficiaries were targeted across seven constituencies including Sithobela, Siphofaneni, Gilgal, Lobamba, Shiselweni II, Gege and Maseyisini. Under CBT, the support was curbed at 5 members per households which resulted in each household receiving SZL 700.00. Under the in-kind support, they were receiving according to the household size and the commodities distributed included cereals (rice), pulses and vegetable oil.