Helping children to grow up happy and healthy.

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The South African government is obliged to ensure the absence of disease as well as children’s physical, mental and social well-being so they can survive and develop to their full potential. All children should have access to quality health services.

While life expectancy and child survival rates have improved, the mortality rate of South African mothers and infants is still alarming.

What is Save the Children South Africa doing?

We aim to reduce neonatal deaths by promoting effective community newborn care 

  • We are championing the importance of newborn care.
  • We are using new ways to help mothers and communities understand the importance of newborn care, pre- and post-natal care, breastfeeding and personal hygiene.

We are helping to prevent malnutrition among young children so they can thrive

  • We are actively campaigning for adequate nutrition for young children.
  • We mobilise communities and the public to support access to adequate nutrition.
  • We are implementing the most effective ways of preventing stunting and obesity amongst children from 0 to 5.

We are promoting quality sexual and reproductive health services 

  • We are encouraging children to make their voices heard about what they need from sexual and reproductive health services. Learn more.
  • We are finding efficient ways to improve access quality services in schools and communities.
  • We are giving girls the freedom to live.

Learn more about our involvement in Save the Children’s global EVERY ONE campaign.

We continue to build partnerships at all levels of government and with other NGOs to ensure a collective, coordinated response. Learn about our coalition that is giving communities a commanding platform to improve the health of newborns, children, adolescents, women and mothers in South Africa.

No child under the age of 5 should die from preventable disease. All children in South Africa are entitled to grow up healthy, enjoying long-term good health. Help us by making your donation TODAY!

Our priorities focus on:

  • Giving Girls the Freedom to Live
  • Prevention of Malnutrition
  • Prevention of Teen Pregnancy
  • Reduce Infant Mortality
  • Promotion of breastfeeding

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